Palau Visitors Authority launched on April 13 a social media challenge to the public called the COPE (Contribute to Our Pristine Excellence) Challenge. The challenge invites the public to post pictures of Palau for a whole month with the theme changing each day. Participants who accumulate the most likes on Facebook will win various local prizes.

Some of the winners include: Rimuu Williams, Chaz Sugiyama, Ileberang Olkeriil, and Tats Mamis.

“We didn’t expect it to get this much of a wide reach but it really resonated with people. One of our winners even it said it was like a breath of fresh air. It really took off on the second day.” stated Palau Visitors Authority Employee Chloe Yano.

She also shared that the takeout theme, which was their theme for the first day of the challenge will be part of an ongoing challenge called #COPECHALLENGEBONUS. Participants will have the opportunity to win shirts by local artists/entrepreneurs.

Through this challenge, Palau Visitors Authority are trying to help promote local businesses and to spread positivity to the public while still making sure people are practicing preventative measures.