While attending International Travel Fair 2018, Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) Chairman Ngirai Tmetuchl, Operation and Programs Director Kadoi Ruluked, Social Media Representative Chloe Yano, PVA Taiwan Representative Alex Lei, local artist Richard Silmai together with Palau Ambassador to Taiwan, Dilmei Olkeriil were graciously hosted by the Council Indigenous Peoples on a tour to the indigenous areas of Hualien and Taitung.

Guided by Mr. Yapasuyongʉ‧Poiconʉ, Deputy Director, Department of General Planning and Ms. Sayun‧Tosu, Officer, Section of Policy Planning and International Affairs, Department of General Planning, our group visited Cidal Hunter School in Hualien, learned basket weaving taught by the women of the Torik community, experienced traditional culinary preparation and display, partook in more arts and crafts activities, and visited the Amis Folk Center and Gaoshan Forest Center.

These activities are part of PVA’s efforts to expand tourism beyond water activities. During this time, Chairman Tmetuchl and Taiwan Representative Alex Lei took the opportunity to discuss with CIP ways for cooperation.

PVA is eager to partner up with Taiwan and CIP for culinary training programs, artist exchanges and hospitality training for interested Palauans. PVA hopes that the partnership can lead to local entrepreneurship with newly elected Governor Suzuki of Angaur State for Bed and Breakfasts (B&B) businesses and camp sites for his state. Furthermore, PVA is looking to assist Ebiil Society to promote visiting students from Taiwan as well as other technical assistance  through  shared cooperation with Taiwan and CIP. (PR)