Trial Court declares Ngaruchel Klobak’s decision to expel Paul Dakubong from the Ngaruchel Klobak as valid.  Ngaruchel Klobak is the traditional council of chiefs of Medorm hamlet, one of Aimeliik State’s five hamlets.

“Ngaruchel’s decision to expel plaintiff from the klobak is not null and void ab initio and therefore, he is not entitled to be paid his compensation and stipend from Aimeliik State Government,” so states the court decision on October 29, 2020.

Paul Dakubong, former chief Uchel ra Medorm of Ongall clan, first clan of Medorm hamlet, filed a civil complaint asking Court to void Ngaruchel Klobak’s decision to remove him from Medorm klobak (council of chiefs).  He also asked the court to confirm his position as the holder of Uchel title and to have his compensation and stipend as Uchel ra Medorm under Aimeliik Constitution restored back to him.

According to court documents, Paul Dakubong as Uchel ra Medorm, tried to sell a property belonging to Medorm hamlet called Kloul-Ngeyil to Sandra Pierantozzi sometime between 2004-2005.  As title bearer of Uchel, he was the trustee of Klou Ngeyil.  The deal was stopped by the Ngaruchel of Medorm.

In 2017, he again attempted to lease Klou Ngeyil to a Chinese individual Bo Pan for term of 99 years.  He received $20,000 upon signing of the lease and tried to distribute money to members of Ngaruchel, but only three members accepted $1,500  each from him.

As a trustee, according to the court findings, he needed the consent of the klobaks or council of chiefs of Medorm to sell or lease the property.

Such action is said to have displeased the Ngaruchel Klobak and they moved to remove him from the Klobak (council).

In 2017, the Ngaruchel Klobak sent communication to Ruong Itab Ngiratechekii, the female counter chief of Uchel informing her of the reasons  Paul Dakubong was being removed from his seat in the Bai and requested her to submit another name.

Ngaruchel also informed Paul Dakubong of their decision to remove him in a letter in March of 2017. 

Reports says that Dakubong did not show up at a meeting set by Ngaruchel to give him a chance to explain himself.

Court decision also say that a letter from Ruong Itab Ngiratechekii accepted the Ngaruchel’s rejection of Paul Dakubong as chief Uchel ra Medorm and requested Ngaruchel for time to select the next chief.

Decision to remove Paul Dakubong is not null and void and therefore, he is not entitled to compensation from Aimeliik State Government.

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