“The security, the personnel involved with the entire quarantine process were the best in their field, they did a great job,” expressed Cove Resort General Manager Matt Wakley of his experience with Palau’s frontliner workers during the first repatriation flight from Guam last month.

He said that evenone of the securities stopped him from coming into the establishment without proper identification.  “I told him I was the manager but I also told him, he was doing a great job and to continue to do his job,” added Wakley.

The arrival and quarantine of the 47 repatriated citizens and students from Guam last month garnered a lot of controversy in the community, with many fearing the introduction of COVID-19 virus to Palau.  In addition to controversy, a rise in wild rumors about the people quarantine served to create more anxiety in the community.

Mr. Wakley was surprised to hear such rumors and said he felt bad for the frontliners that were showing such integrity and professionalism in the execution of their jobs.

“My staff designated to deliver the food, reported to me one day saying that one of the quarantine persons had stuck their head out the door to see if their food had arrived and the security scolded them to get back inside,” revealed Wakley. 

“These people exhibited such integrity and professionalism in their work!,” added Cove GM saying that the rumors he heard really annoyed him because he saw their work first hand.

Palau has a total of 50 rooms from couple of hotels designated for quarantine use.  Cove Resort is one of such venues and it hosted the first 47 repatriated citizens and students that arrived from Guam last month.  A next group is expected on July 24 and will be spread to the designated quarantine facilities.

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