The latest report from the Ministry of Health shows COVID-19 cases rising again. 

As of November 11, 2022, the new cases identified have risen to 42 from 17 on November 4.  Total active cases have doubled to 40 from 20 reported on November 4th. In addition, in the November 11 situation report, there were two hospitalized COVID cases. There haven’t been reported hospitalized cases since mid-September.

Ministry of Health and Human Services (MHHS) continues to urge eligible persons to obtain booster shots.  It offers fuel vouchers worth $25 each to people getting their COVId-19 booster vaccines.

“MHHS encourages everyone to get vaccinated or get boosters when eligible for the best protection against COVID-19. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine after you recover from a COVID-19 infection provides added protection against COVID-19. You may receive your COVID-19 vaccine or booster at least 3 months after a COVID infection. It is also safe to get your COVID-19 and your flu vaccine simultaneously,” states the MHHS public service announcement.

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