The Coral Reef Research Foundation (CRRF), the organization that has been religiously monitoring the condition of Palau’s famous jellyfish lake, had sparked excitement over their announcement that the golden jellyfish population has now reached nearly a million after they vanished in 2016 when the drought hit the country.

As of this writing, CRRF’s online post announcing the positive development has already garnered 233 shares and almost 400 reactions.

CRRF observed that golden jellyfish of all sizes, majority of it comprised of baby jellies, can now be seen in the lake. The organization also noted that the jellyfish have now regained a healthier color of brown compared to when they first started reappearing where they were observed to be bleaching.

“When they first came back, there were a lot of bleached jellyfish because the water was still warm but now, they are already brown, they are not bleached anymore,” Gerda Ucharm of the CRRF told Island Times in an interview.

Ucharm said that if the weather condition continues to be better in the future, they are expecting that the population will continue to boom.

Prior to the drought, the golden jellyfish population in the lake was noted at around five to eight million.

“We are thinking actually that by earlier next year, January or February, we will hit the one million population but it seems like it’s a lot faster than what we expected,” Ucharm shared.

A small population of moon jellyfish are also seen in the lake.

Koror State DCLE Outreach officer Dora Benhart told Island Times that Koror State is thankful for the CRRF’s works.

“CRRF has done an awesome job. Koror State is also putting extra measures in making sure that the customers and the guys that are going there are more aware of their actions versus the previous years,” Benhart said, adding that the state is also raising awareness on the best practices that should be followed by everybody while doing the tour at the famous site. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)