Hitachiomiya, Palau’s host town for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games coordinated a Skype Exchange Program. The program was carried out between Hitachiomiya West Elementary School students, grade 5, and Peleliu Elementary School students, Grades 5 to 8.

The purpose of this program is to expand knowledge and develop the global awareness of the students. The Program opened with heartwarming messages from principals of both schools. Shortly after, each school took turns asking yes or no (true or false) questions. Then, Hitachiomiya West Elementary School students shared some famous Japanese food such as sushi and natto, fermented soybeans.

The Palauan students, in turn, shared some Palauan food such as fried fish and stuffed crab, ukaeb. To close the program, each school sang a song; The Peleliu Elementary School students sang the Palauan National Anthem and the students from Hitachiomiya West Elementary School sang “Believe”, a song that is well known and often sang among Japanese students. Ms. Honda Mizuki, a former JICA Volunteer and Palau Track and Field coach, and Hitachiomiya City staff hope to continue the online program for future relations to strengthen the friendship between Palau and Hitachiomiya. Hitachiomiya is a city in Ibaraki, Japan.