Daley R. Chiokai has been hired as the new Aquarist by Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC).  In this position Mr. Chiokai is responsible for maintaining all of the live exhibit tanks and general animal husbandry. Other responsibilities involve assisting with field work, which includes operating the boats and collecting aquarium organisms. Additionally, Mr. Chiokai provides guided tours to school groups and other visitors.  



Mr. Chiokai graduated from Palau High School in 2007. He later attended Palau Community College (PCC), where he studied Tourism and Hospitality. It was during college that Mr. Chiokai was exposed to diving. Mr. Chiokai gained his Open Water and Advanced Open Water certifications through a course at PCC where he fell in love with the underwater world. Mr. Chiokai worked as a dive guide in Guam for six years, and worked as a dive guide in Palau for three years at Fish and Fins. Mr. Chiokai also spent over a year working as a Ranger in Kayangel.


Mr. Chiokai has always been drawn to the ocean. From a young age, he knew he wanted to work for the Palau Aquarium and now he hopes to contribute his skills to help protect and conserve the oceans of Palau.  Mr. Chiokai intends to use the knowledge he learns from his position at PICRC to share with the people of Palau.


Mr. Chiokai is the son of Edwin T. Chiokai who is the former Governor of Kayangel State and is currently the speaker of Kayangel State Legislature and Ellen B. Chiokai, the Tobacco Councilor for the Tobacco Control and Prevention Unit at the Ministry of Health.  Daley has three siblings. His sister, Christie Chiokai, lives in Palau as well as his brother, Edson Chiokai, who is a Customs Officer. His younger brother, Foster Chiokai, has been in the United States for the past two years working and taking classes. Mr. Chiokai and his family grew up in Dngeronger, Koror.  [/restrict]