By: L.N. Reklai

April 13, 2017 (Koror, Palau) A dead man found floating in the waters near Bital Oyang in Koror State on Tuesday has finally been identified by a family member as a 39 year old Jack Elwais.

On April 11, according to police, Chief of Koror State Rangers Jennifer Olgeriil called in to report a body found by Koror State Rangers near Bital Oyang rock islands near Ngerbeched.  Koror State Rangers Osmad Kibei and Keyanges Bai came upon the body during their routine patrol and reported the finding to their headquarters and waited at the site until national law enforcement arrived.


According to the police report, body had been submerged for lengthy period of time and was unrecognizable. The body was retrieved and transported to the Belau National Hospital.

Initially they photographed identifying details and were able to establish that the body was that of a male, with long hair, tattoos on left forearm, inner left forearm and left upper arm, wore black color skins O’Neal brand and t-shirt with “Ng Tobedang” on the back and “Kombalii 08” on the front, black Mares brand booties, black computer dive watch and black colored quick dry shorts with orange patterns.

It took a while to establish who this person maybe as no missing person’s report has been filed and to locate family members to confirm identity of the deceased. [/restrict]