photo from (mechang lagoon dock)

A dead man was found inside a car that was submerged in the sea near Ngermid Dock on Sunday, October 27 at around 7:30am.

Public Safety Director Aloysius Alonz identified the dead man as Manix Kumangai, 49, a resident of Ngermid.

Alonz said that a fisherman who was out in the area early morning first spotted the submerged car which alerted the other bystanders in the area. They immediately reported the incident to the police for fear that there might be somebody in the submerged vehicle. It turned out their suspicion was right.

As the police responded to the scene, they found the man inside the car. Alonz said that based on their initial investigation, the man’s body was already stiff when they found it, leading them to surmise that he could have been dead earlier that morning or evening.

Director Alonz, however, said that they are still waiting for the medical report that would give conclusive evidence of the cause of his death.

Alonz also said that they are not ruling out the possibility of him being under the influence of alcohol when the incident happened. Blood samples had been taken from the body to determine traces of alcohol in his system.

The director added that they did not see in the area any signs that could point out he crashed while driving the car before it collapsed into the water.