Deaths due to COVID-19 virus exceeds one million with 1,004,808 total world wide deaths reported on September 30, 2020.

Total number of reported cases is over 33.5 million people, with 23.2 million recovered and now over 1 million deaths.

Guam on the same day reported over 2,443 reported cases and 47 deaths.  Saipan has 70 reported cases and 2 deaths and Hawaii 12,290 cases with 134 deaths.

Palau remain COVID-free with no suspect or confirmed case according to report from Ministry of Health.  As of September 30, 26 were in quarantine and 32 were in self-quarantine.  A total of 2,281 tests have been conducted and there has been no positive cases.

Ministry of Health continue to urge practice of public health measures to prevent respiratory illnesses.

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