Koror, Palau – On February 16, 2017, the Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB) approved permits on six government applications, one commercial, one residential applications and three fill projects.

Residential permit was for a 3 bed-room house in Ngeraus, Ngchesar.  The one commercial permit was for an office space and storage room in Ngerkebasang, Koror.


The three (3) approved fill projects include proposal to fill approximately 500 sq. meters for future house construction in Ngkeklau, Ngaraard, a proposal to fill an area approximately 30’W x 50’L at Ngermid and a proposal to grade, level, and compact an area for an access road and future house construction in Ollei, Ngarchelong.

Government and NGO permits include; waterline installation from the water tank at Ibobang to Ngimis in order to expand access to public water; filling an area approximately 200’W x 300’L for the purpose of constructing a baseball field in the future for Palau Community College and installation of a waterline from Badrulchau towards the 3-way intersection in Mengellang which will also expand access to the public water supply system in Ngarchelong by Bureau of Public Works.

In addition, permit to repair all collapsed or altered riprap seawalls at Long Island Park by Koror State for the safety and protection of locals and tourists alike who frequent the Park. Also permit approved for PPUC to construct a warehouse on their compound at Malakal and permit for Airai State Government to construct a road at Ngerumtek to allow access to the lease lots in that area. This road will be compacted and gravel capped to mitigate erosion and sedimentation.

EQPB reminds applicants that their permits have been approved but the work should not commence until they have obtained the signed permit with conditions set by the Board.  The Board will continue to monitor these projects to ensure that the environmental protection plans for the specific project are implemented as they should to prevent any damages to the surrounding environment.  The Board urges all permittees and contractors to consult with EQPB if they need any assistance with their permitted project.

For more information, please call the EQPB office at 488-1639/3600. [/restrict]