On 18 February 2022, Ambassador of Japan Mr. KARASAWA Akira conferred Mr. FUJI Katsuo with the certificate and decoration by His Majesty the Emperor of Japan in the presence of Hon. Eyos Rudimch, Governor of Koror State Government, Hon. Francisco Ueki Jr., Legislator of Koror State Legislature on behalf of Hon. Isack, Speaker of Koror State Legislature, Mrs. FUJI Mayumi and other distinguished guests. His Majesty the Emperor of Japan awarded him “The Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays” on 29 April, 2021 in recognition of his longstanding services as a consultant to Koror State Government and principal of Japanese Language School of Palau.

Celebrating Mr. Fuji on being awarded by His Majesty the Emperor of Japan and praising his remarkable achievements in Palau, Ambassador Karasawa stated that “Mr. Fuji shows no signs of retirement from his current duties. I look forward to his continued contributions to Koror and Palau for decades to come. This ceremony also happens that today, February 18, is Fuji-san’s 78th birthday, which makes our pleasure all the more profound.”

 Expressing his gratitude to the people of Japanese Language School of Palau and Koror State Government including the Governor of Koror and his staff, especially all staff of the Solid Waste Management Office as well as Ambassador Karasawa and his staff, Mr. Fuji stated that“all my activities recognized by His Majesty are still ongoing, so this award will be a great encouragement for further progress. I would like to happily accept it with understanding that I am highly expected to promote these developments even more.”

 Governor Rudimch stated that “Fuji-san has devoted more than 18 years of his life in Palau spearheading numerous projects in Koror State Government to improving waste management development as well as to promoting sustainability for a friendly community in Koror. I would like to convey our most appreciation on behalf of Koror Government and the People of Koror, although it is not nearly enough to convey our deepest appreciation for your service.”

 This ceremony will be featured in the upcoming Japan Fair online program in March 2022.

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