A congratulatory dinner was held on May 20th to celebrate the successful promotion of students from Ngerchelong Elementary School and are making a transition to high school.

Present at the dinner were the parents, teachers, staff, and principal of Ngerchelong Elementary School. PTA Chairman Saburo Remoket represented the group and thanked Delegate Dilmai Saiske for organizing the dinner for the kids.

Delegate Dilmai Saiske has been hosting the dinner for the students for 4 years. This also gives her the opportunity to give advice to the students that are about to get into high school.

It was also during the dinner that Ebil ra Lei Maria Rehuher presented the Rehuher Tarimel Scholarship which is given to the top student that is promoting out of Ngerchelong Elementary school.

This year the recipient of the scholarship is Aliyah Absalom, along with the scholarship she was also given a certificate and personal letter written by the Rehuher family. Ebilra Lei Maria Rehuher also congratulated Aliyah’s grandparents Tuloi and Sisca for her achievement.

Before the conclusion of the dinner, Delegate Dilmai advised the students to dream high as they make their way through high school and in life.