Taiwan neurosurgeon on hand to save his life

By: L.N. Reklai

July 13, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Terrible news struck the Office of the President early Thursday morning reporting that the Deputy Chief of Staff Rebluud Kesolei had suffered a major stroke and was admitted to Emergency Room at the Belau National Hospital.

Fortunately, a well-known neurosurgeon from Taiwan was in Palau and was able to operate immediately on Deputy COS Kesolei and stabilize him.


Minister Robert reports that Deputy Chief of Staff Kesolei is stabilized and conscious.  “We are just keeping him calm right now.”

Minister of Health Dr. Robert Emais said that upon getting report from hospital of Deputy’s condition, he immediately remembered that one of the visiting doctors from E-DA Hospital of Taiwan is a neurosurgeon Dr. Cheng-Loong Liang. Dr. Liang is the Director of Medical Service Department of E-DA Hospital and member of a team that arrived on Wednesday night to work on the medical internship program between I-Shou University and Palau.

Minister Emais said he immediately contacted Republic of China –Taiwan Embassy to ask Dr. Liang to assist and Dr. Liang and his team reported to the hospital. Doctor Liang decided they need to quickly operate on Kesolei to drain the blood from his head and stabilize him.

“They say this is luck but I think this is godsent, a blessing,” stated Minister Robert Emais of the Ministry of Health.

According to Dr. Roberts, they tried to book Deputy Kesolei to Philippines via United.  “It would have taken longer.  ROC Ambassador Michael Tseng contacted Taiwan and was able to secure Taiwan air ambulance to fly in Thursday night and take the patient to Taiwan today, Friday.

In addition, Dr. Cheng-Loong Liang decided to accompany the patient to Taiwan, to E-DA Hospital for medical care.  Getting the approval and arrangements for Kesolei to go to E-Da hospital was seamless as the Superintendent of E-Da Hospital was also part of the planning team that arrived in Palau on Wednesday. Dr. Yuan-Kun is the Vice Chairman of E-Da Healthcare Group and Superintendent of E-Da Hospital which made the decision to bring Deputy Kesolei to E-DA Hospital very easy.

Preparations to receive Deputy Kesolei are already underway in anticipation of his arrival at E-Da Hospital today.

“Our President’s asked me to express his deep gratitude to you for saving the life of one of our people who is also very close and important person to the President of the Republic. And I also thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” said Minister Emais Roberts to Dr. Liang and the doctors from E-Da Hospital of Taiwan at reception to welcome the doctors to Palau.

Deputy Chief of Staff Rebluud Kesolei is President Remengesau’s right hand man and main go-to-person on the President’s day-to-day activities.  He accompanies President Remengesau on almost all of his overseas meetings and handles President’s schedules. [/restrict]