In the moments immediately after Derek Jeter unveiled his plaque in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium, ESPN played an interview clip with The Captain that disclosed the ultimate irony — he originally wanted to wear No. 13.


No, that’s not a shot at Alex Rodriguez, it just happened to be number Jeter’s dad wore.

So it was with that childhood dream on the mind that Jeter then took his place in front of the mound, in front of some of the most important Yankees players in history, in front of fans who’ve spent their lives adoring him and in front of children named after him, in front of former managers, in front of the scouts who discovered him and in front of those responsible for raising him that the player who defined a generation watched as his No. 2 was retired for eternity.

There may be another player who comes along like Derek Jeter, but there will never be another Number 2. Not in Yankee Stadium, anyways.

The ceremony capped off a week of Jeter tributes as many tried to figure out what the shortstop’s defining play was, or where his career ranks among other Yankee greats or if we’d see a player wear No. 0 for the bombers — the only available single digit. [/restrict]