It was Hell on an airplane as passengers sat on the ground in stifling heat for hours on a Canada tarmac Monday.

The nightmare began when a flight from Belgium to Montreal was diverted to Ottawa due to bad weather.


After landing, the plane, operated by the airline Air Transat, simply sat on the tarmac. After four hours, the plane lost power and went dark.

That’s when anxious passengers called 911 in desperation, triggering what the airport called “a full emergency response.”

“The ground crew just arrived with the fuel. So as soon as we have more fuel we’ll be ready to give you more power and electricity. Thank you,” the captain told the upset passengers.

The lights eventually came back on, but not the air conditioning.

“It was hot,” passenger Maryanne Zehil told Inside Edition. “It was horribly hot.”

Laura Mah was also on the plane. She worried about passengers getting out of hand.

“I was worried someone might get violent,” she said. “People had little babies on the plane, there was a passenger who had a pet dog in the cargo hold.”

The plane eventually took off for Montreal — after nearly six hours on the tarmac.

Along with the passengers’ gripes, Ottawa airport officials are slamming the airline, saying they tried several times to get food and water to the passengers.

“The aircrew was non-communicative and did not take us up on our offers,” the airport says.

By the time the plane landed in Montreal, the passengers had been inside the aircraft for a total of 15 hours.

In a statement to Inside Edition, the airline said that they sincerely regret the inconvenience, but that the situation was beyond their control. [/restrict]