By: L.N. Reklai

October 11, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Larry Imeong Hillbroom Jr., the heir of Hillbloom estate, was arrested on charges of Trafficking Controlled Substance, while he is out on bail and awaiting trial for previous drug trafficking charges.


Mr. Hillbroom Jr. pled not guilty to the charges against him. Court set his bail for $250,000 cash or $500,000 surety and he was sent back to jail until the bail is posted.

According to police affidavit, in April and May of this year, at two control-buy operations, Larry Imeong Hillbroom Jr. was observed selling crystalline substance to Confidential Informant which were tested positive for methamphetamine or ice.

A warrant for Larry Hillbroom’s arrest was issued on October 6, 2017 and he was arrested this week.

Mr. Hillbroom Jr. was out on a $250,000 bail awaiting his trial for drug trafficking charges from February of 2016 when he was arrested on new charges of drug trafficking.

In February of 2016, two women were caught smuggling into Palau 160grams of methamphetamine or ice in their body cavities.  They alleged that they were paid by Larry I. Hillbroom Jr. to bring in the drugs from the Philippines. After a taped phone call between Mr. Hillbroom and the two women, Mr. Hillbroom was arrested upon arrival in Palau.

Mr. Hillbroom escaped a day after he was taken into custody resulting in days of intensive search by law enforcement.  In June of this year, he pled guilty to charge of prison escape and sentenced to 60 days in jail and to pay $2,000 restitution.

While awaiting his trial, Mr. Hillbroom is again charged for similar crimes of Trafficking in Controlled Substance, a felony charge punishable by a sentence of not less than 25 years and fine of not less than $50,000.  Mr. Hillbroom also stands the possibility of losing his earlier posted bail of $250,000. [/restrict]