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] Drug trafficking charges dropped, travel allowed

By: L.N. Reklai

Larry Imeong Hillbroom, after pleading to NO Contest to Conspiracy to Traffic Controlled Substance-Methamphetamine or “ICE”, was sentenced to complete a minimum of 6 months inpatient rehabilitation program.  Two counts of Trafficking of Controlled Substances–methamphetamine, from a separate case, were dropped by the government.

The sentence also states that failure to enter into rehabilitation program by September 25th will result in a five-year incarceration.

He was also ordered to 7 years supervised probation, if he completes his rehabilitation program and pay a fine of $50,000 to be deducted from his posted bond.

Hillbroom is allowed to travel outside for civil litigation but he must be accompanied by two police officers with expenses to be borne by Hillbroom, according to the sentence order.

Larry Imeong Hillbroom, was charged in 2016 for conspiring to bring methamphetamine or “ice” to Palau by offering to pay two women to bring in the drugs.  Palau drug enforcement was tipped off and the two women were apprehended at the airport. After secondary search of the women, a total of 160 grams of “ice” was found in their body cavities.

Through an arranged phone call to Hillbroom, he admitted to his role in the conspiracy and was arrested upon his arrival in Palau and charged with Conspiracy to Traffic Controlled Substance.

A day after his arrest, Hillbroom had a dramatic escape from prison worthy of Hollywood movie scene.  He was arrested two days later and was charged with Escape in the First Degree.  He was sentenced to 60 days in jail, ordered to pay $2,000 fine, and undergo rehabilitation program.

In 2017 while awaiting his trial, Hillbroom was again charged in a separate case on two counts of Trafficking Controlled Substance.  He was arrested and remanded to jail.

After an extensive jury selection process for his 2016 case, Mr. Hillbroom pled No Contest to Conspiracy Traffic Controlled Substance before the case started.  Pleading “No Contest” meant he did not admit to the crime but allowed the court to impose judgment.

The court accepted his No Contest plea, dropped the two charges of Trafficking Controlled Substance in criminal case 17-162 and 1 count from criminal case 16-29 and sentenced Mr. Hillbroom to a minimum of 6 months of inpatient drug rehabilitation program and a fine $50,000 to be taken from his posted bail.

Larry Imeong Hillbroom is the heir of DHL founder Larry Hillbloom.