Director Brian Melairei said the issue over the KB Bridge Koror side park turnover is just a miscommunication and a misunderstanding with Koror State.

“It maybe partly my fault too because Koror State may have tried to contact me for clarification but I was travelling at the time.”

The turnover of the “improvements” of the park is part of the process for CIP projects explained Melairei in response to questions from Island Times regarding his letter to Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs(MCCA).

“If this was Koror road improvement project, MPIIC will just turn it over to Koror State but since this is a park, it will go to MCCA and it will turn it over to Koror State,” added Melairei.

Koror State Government and Koror State Public Land Authority had earlier protested a letter from National Public Works Director Melairei turning over Koror-side park of KB Bridge to MCCA saying after the last phase to install floating pontoon and floating trampoline, it will turn over tools and everything MCCA.

Koror State objected saying they have managed and maintained the area since 2014 and have never turned over ownership of the park to national government.

Director contends it was simply a miscommunication about the process. (By L.N. Reklai)