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A 60-year old male Chinese diver went missing during a dive expedition at the IRO MARU wreck site and his body was found lifeless later at 32 meters after an extensive search.

On December 24th, 12 divers and 3 dive guides from Palau Ocean Divers were diving the IRO MARU wreck site when it was noticed a 3rd diver from one of the 3-men diving group was missing and could not be located.

According to police report, Koror State Rangers at the wreck site contact Marine Law Enforcement to report missing divers.  Officers from Marine Law and Fish & Wildlife dispatched rescue boats, officers and a diver from Sam’s Tours to search the site.  Search effort was conducted by Koror State Rangers, Marine Law officers, Wildlife officers and dive operators for the missing diver.

After the third search dive, the body of the diver was spotted at 32 meters and was retrieved by four divers from Palau Ocean Dives who transported the body on the DMLE small patrol boat BUL to Koror.

No official cause of death has been released by authorities and investigation is ongoing.  Name of the victim is withheld pending notification of his family. (L.N Reklai)