On Wednesday May 31, 2017 the Vice-President and Minister of Justice Mr. Raynold B. Oilouch met with all inmates from the Division of Corrections (DOC) of the Bureau of Public Safety. Presented in the visit along with the Vice President and Minister was Chairman of Patrol Board, Pastor Balkuu Sandario, and Chief of DOC Mr. Ricky Ngiraked.



Vice-President and Minister Oilouch began the discussion stating some of the changes that are currently in the works such as the new DOC that will soon be finished, along with his personal message to all inmates to respect each other and have a positive attitude and consideration that they can still transform if they choose to, so that they can have an opportunity to become an active member of the society again. He further gave the inmates an opportunity to express their concerns so that the Ministry can address them if and only if it’s within our means and the law.


The discussion between the inmates and the Vice President was very healthy and professional in terms needed changes and requests. Some of those that were requested by the inmates were to build a Board for the Basketball Court which the Vice President said “you will receive the materials tomorrow”, which everyone showed signs of gratitude and appreciation.


The activity was concluded by a short remark and a prayer from Pastor Sandario in which everyone all participated and appreciated. [/restrict]