A dog was spotted around the Top Side area with a fishing spear lodged into her body, from her hip to stomach.  The owner of the dog contacted one of the veterinarians that work with the Koror State Animal Shelter. Upon their exchange, the veterinarian visited the owner’s home and then brought the dog to the animal shelter so it can undergo surgery.

Due to the lack of staff present at the time of the incident, the veterinarian Sayaka Suzuki had no choice, but to wait until Sunday for them to be able to proceed. Suzuki says that they were successful in removing the object from the dog’s body and that the surgery took several hours to complete.

Sayaka went on to say that the dog was very lucky to have survived and that it’s big uterus acted almost like a cushion protecting her internal organs from the spear. The dog’s uterus was removed and the dog discharged from the Animal Shelter a few days after it’s surgery.

This was the first time for the veterinarian to remove a spear from a dog, however it was not the first time animals were brought in because they were subjected to animal abuse. Sayaka says that they had cases of cats and dogs having bullets lodged into their bodies. She urges the public especially those that live in Top Side to be alert of anyone carelessly using a spear as weapon because she feels that it could be a danger to animals and children.

There is no national law addressing abuse and neglect of animals.  Only Koror State law prohibits and penalize abuse or inhuman treatment of animals.  Koror State Animal Control Act of 2007, Section 10 states, “It is unlawful for any person to treat animals inhumanely. For purposes of this act, inhumane treatment includes, but is not limited to, physical abuse such as torturing, beating, eating, shooting with pellets or similar guns, drowning, abandoning in dumps, poisoning, starving, or restraining so as to prohibit any substantial movement for an unreasonable period of time.” Section 11 of the Animal Act reads that if any person who commits such an act shall be cited and fined a $100. (Telbakes Yano)