picture of the baby dolphin

After a year of waiting, Dolphins Pacific finally welcomed a new baby addition to their pod of five dolphins. The gender of the baby is not yet confirmed but some of the trainers says it looks like a boy.  A closer inspection is needed to confirm but for now, the staffs at Dolphins Pacific want to leave the mother and baby alone to bond and recover.

A 20 years old female dolphin named Roxy gave birth on December 14th, 2019, her second birth at Dolphins Pacific.  Ten years ago it gave birth to its first female offspring Momiroi (means to wave one’s hand), so named by former President Johnson Toribiong after she waved at them during their visit to Dolphin Bay.

“The first month of baby’s life is very critical for its survival and we are now letting the mother and baby to rest and bond but we will allow closer encounter once it reaches its first month,”said Elisabeth Howard, Dolphins Pacific General Manager, when asked how long before people can see the baby up close.

The baby dolphin will start its training as soon as they are strong.  “Baby dolphins start learning from their mother as soon as they are born.  They will depend on their mother’s milk for up to five years and during that time they learn everything they need to survive from their mom,” explained Ms. Howard.By training the mother, the baby dolphin also learns as well.

Dolphins Pacific provides close dolphin encounter experience for all visitors and it especially caters to those with disabilities.  Working with disabled persons, the dolphins need to be trained to handle sudden reactions which is common with some disabled people.

“Momiroi is very good with the disabled.  Her natural personality is very relaxed and friendly and does not react to sudden movement such as those given by disabled persons,” added Howard.

New baby dolphin is the 6th member of the pod and will be able to have close encounter experience with visitors for a short period starting on day he becomes one month old.

To celebrate the occasion, Dolphins Pacific is giving a limited-time offer of close encounter experience at Dolphins Pacific.  It is 20% of regular price for all Palauans and local residents and is only available from January 14th to January 31st. (L.N. Reklai)