Unofficial results from the Peleliu State 14th General Election show Dr. Emais Roberts, former Minister of Health, ahead in the race for the Office of Governor with 312 votes over the contender, Jackson Ngiraingas, also a former Minister of MPIIC and former governor of Peleliu State, who had 174 votes.

In the race for legislative seats, the top vote getters for the 5 At-Large seats are Godwin Sadao with 235 votes, Billy Rekemel with 215 votes, Umedip Ridep with 182, Alex Ngiraingas with 176 and Kebekol Shmull with 162. Number 6 in the polls is Eufrasia Remeliik with 158 votes, 4 votes behind number 5. 

For hamlet representatives, Willard Smau leads in Ngerchol hamlet, Cordino Soalablai leads in Ngerdelolk, Edburg Mabel leads in Ngerkeukl and C. Salii Rekemel leads in Teliu. Ngesias hamlet has an unusual outcome: a tie between candidate Joel Okada and a write-in Taffok Etpison. According to unofficial results, both received 56 votes.

Confines and absentee ballots will be tallied next week, which may affect a few of the positions on the list. The outcome for the Office of Governor may not be affected by the absentee ballots due to the wide gap between Roberts and Ngiraingas. For At-large and a couple of hamlets, change can occur between contenders with close numbers

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