Aguon's car razed by unidentified arsonists.

The Director of the Narcotics Enforcement Agency (NEA) Ismael Aguon’s personal vehicle was set on fire by an unknown individual last week Friday dawn.

The vehicle, a Ford Expedition, was parked outside of the NEA office near the building and set on fire around 2am that Friday morning damaging all parts of the car. The burning vehicle caused the boat parked next to it to catch on fire as well.  The fire was found because of an alert report from the neighbors.

The NEA Director Aguon suspects arson and is linking it to the many upcoming court trials in the months to come, particularly the narcotic drug cases.

The director said that there are leads through CID investigation regarding the suspected arson and they are actively pursuing them hopefully getting closer to finding out more in a couple of days.

On Director Aguon’s birthday last year, a similar incident happened to his boat which was also set on fire, also suspected as retaliation.

The director’s message to these people is “this job puts food on the table, puts clothes on the backs of his kids and to think they could deter, they have another thing coming.” Director Aguon says he is just doing his job and that it is not personal referring to the drug investigations leading to criminal prosecutions.

The CID according to the director have been doing a very a good job of finding these criminals using narcotics and that it’s not new to him or the NEA that incidents such as this happens. (Kerdeu Uong)