Reducing drug abuse will reduce drug peddling, as drug enforcers in Palau this year will focus efforts in drug use prevention and rehabilitation of drug users.


Head of the Palau police Drug Task Force, Ismael Aguon in a press conference, January 11 said that drug use on the island nation is very much alive despite the stringent efforts to catch drug peddlers.

Aguon said although the task force has helped significantly decrease methaphetamine use, it is still very much active. Within the last month they found more drugs  and it goes to prove that the drug is still being imported here via -plane, ships, fishing boats and even post office boxes.

“The biggest problem for methamphetamine or ice is the ‘use.’ , Aguon said.

He is proud though that with the work of the task force in coordination with other government agencies such as Customs and Quarantine they have made several arrests and had several drug-related crimes filed in court.

The Task Force is also urging lawmakers  to pass a law that puts heavy fines on ships, planes, post office boxes and fishing boats of individuals involved in trafficking illegal drugs.  [/restrict]