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Easing of restrictions that were put in place to help mitigate and reduce potential transmission of the new COVID-19 virus started this week with most to start today May 15th, such as opening of some of the Koror State public parks and facilities.

According to notice issued by Koror State Government, Fisheries Waiting Dock at Malakal opened on May 12th. It opens 8 am to 4 pm with KSG staff and Ranger monitoring the site full time.

Other parks such JPF Bridge – Koror Side Park and Long Island Conservation Park opens today May 15th from 5 am to 5 pm, also with full time monitoring of KSG staff and Ranger.  KSG Sureor Gym will open on Monday, May 18 from 6am to 5pm.

On May 22, all Waiting Houses and PC Dock/Merrol Tent will open to public with moderate monitoring.  On June 15th, all hamlet basketball courts and KSG Constitution Hall will open. KSG Hall will open only by reservations.

Other public sites such as Ernguul Children’s Park, Ongiall Waiting House and Ice Box Waiting House are still close pending opening announcement.

The easing of restrictions is supported by MOH Directive No. 114-20 which recommends resumption of operations of worksites, restaurants and other businesses.  The Directive still urge continued disinfecting of facilities, maintaining environmental controls and spacing, monitoring sick employees and patrons and maintaining proper hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

Although schools remain closed until end of school year, childcare centers can operate with implementation of proper hygiene activities, regular cleaning and disinfecting of objects and surfaces and disallowing entry of sick children.

The directive also allows for opening of parks, gyms and other recreational areas while encouraging proper hygiene etiquette, enforcing strict no-alcohol consumption and maintaining regular cleaning and disinfecting.

Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs also issued its directive after MOH Directive was issued reopening the Senior Citizens Center and restoring back its lunch programs and other regular activities.  Senior citizens can go back to their center for the regular lunch and socializing activities.

President Remengesau in his daily briefings called for easing of restrictions and returning to as normal a life as could be under the new conditions.

“With testing showing us no positive case, with our borders closed and with the preparations we have in place, we should have more confidence and ease up a little on the restriction.  Let’s live as normal a life as could be under this “new normal” times, visit our families and friends, go to our students’ graduations but continue to exercise healthy practices such as staying home if we are sick, covering our nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing and washing our hands,” encouraged Remengesau.