Palau Election Commission (PEC) had certified the final results of the general state elections of Koror State and Ngaraard State, confirming the new leaderships of the two States in 2022.

For Koror State 12th Government, Eyos Rudimch is certified as the winner for the Office of Governor, receiving 1,854 votes ahead of challenger Alan T. Marbou of 1,631.

The 12th Koror State Legislature will consist of Millan Isack, Jason Nolan, Kyonori Tellames, Marie Meor Anderson Nabeyama, and Uchel Sechewas who all won the 5 At-Large seats against the other 10 contenders.  Winners of the hamlet representatives certified include Tito Ringang for Ngermid, Francisco M. Ueki Jr. “Nioch” for Ngerkesoaol, Job R. Kikuo for Ngerchemai, Devon T. Andreas for Iyebukel, Olkeriil John Yoach for Idid, R. Eledui Omelau for Meketii, Richard Alonz for Ikelau, Alonz Moses for Ngerbeched, Tange Mariur for Dngeronger, Jennifer Akiwo for Medalaii, Edwenor Sadang for Meyuns and Rhinehart Silas for Ngerkebesang, altogether, 17 legislator-elects in the upcoming 12th Koror State Legislature.

PEC also certified election results of the 11th Ngaraard State General Election that was also held this month. 

In a nail-biting tight race for the Office of Governor, Sharp Sakuma was a certified winner with 287 votes over Benjamin Iskawa with 281 votes, a mere difference of 6 votes.  Sharp Sakuma was a write-in winner in the primary election for the Office of Governor and went on to win over the incumbent Benjamin Iskawa by a very slim margin.

For the 4 legislature At-Large seats, the top four certified winners are Marcy Andrew, Duane Tochi, Wilbert Ngirakamerang, and John R. Temengil.  For the 5 hamlet representatives, Saburo Remoket for Choll, Nestralda Mechaet for Chelab, George Matsuda for Ngebuked, Francis Elkang for Ulimang and Leon Debengek for Ngkeklau. 

Meanwhile, the special election held for a vacancy in Melekeok State Legislature was also certified after the election held on November 19th, 2021.  Omar Faustino won with 227 votes over Adoph Demei who had 111.

Upcoming this December 7 is the General Election of the 14th Peleliu State Government.

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