Asia Pacific Airline, a cargo plane carrying fish out of Palau last Saturday, returned for an emergency landing after it had left Palau international airport.

The aircraft called in requesting an emergency landing due engine problems after it had picked up its cargo and have been in the air for a while.

No official report of the cause of the emergency has been revealed but anonymous source,  the reason for emergency was that a bird got caught in the engine causing fuel leak.

“The aircraft landed safely, with no injuries or other incidents,” reported Peter Polloi, Airport Authority Advisor.

First responders were all at the scene according to Mr. Polloi.  “ARRF(Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting), Airport Police, national police which include various branches of law enforcement, EQPB Hazmat Team, Fire & Rescue, and staffs from Blue Bay Petroleum and United Airlines, were at the airport to ensure safety.”

The plane’s cargo has been removed and the plane is still at the airport awaiting repair. (L.N. Reklai)