(Press release) Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) certification is required in instances where field work calls for employees to dive for purpose of monitoring and surveying Marine Protected Area’s (MPAs). The trainees consist of employees from Bureau of Marine Resources, MNRET and Division of Fish & Wildlife, MOJ all of which are agencies that are mandated to conduct such work.


The open water diver course was held for  3days from Aug 1 to 3 at Cruise Control Dive Shop in Malakal, 1st day-classroom learning with book and video and did examination like every academic course, 2nd&3rd day-trainees tried the skill in contained water….calm ocean same as swimming pool, Ngermeaus.

Lots of surface and underwater skill we have to pass….Mask clear, Regulator recovery, Keep buoyancy, free descend and ascent, octopus breathing, self and assist rescue, compass navigation, emergency swimming ascent, e.t.c……

After we finish all of those, we can get PADI open water diving license card. This means we learned basic knowledge about scuba diving including “how to use BC, Regulator, tank”  “what is the physical ability of our body when we dive”  “what we have to do under emergency situation”….and we can go dive safely.   [/restrict]