In preparation for UN Climate Change Conference later this year, Palau will be hosting the first National Energy Summit from the 8th to the 10th of August and will bring together international environmental group to the island nation.


The three-day event is also a gathering of the national government, state leaders, policymakers, private and the public sector in Palau for a discussion of the future of renewable energy in Palau and its goal to shift to cleaner energy.

According to the Office of the President, Palau wants to be a leader in the use of renewable energy in the Pacific.

During the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015, President Tommy Remengesau Jr. announced its ambitious Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) that aims to half its reliance to fossil fuel by 2025.

The summit will also tackle Palau’s energy challenges and create an action plan to adopt clean, renewable energy resources. The international environmental groups such as EarthX  and Okeanos are partnering with Palau to reach the path towards energy efficiency and explore the country’s potential to explore solar power technologies.

The action plan however will be more effective with the help of local stakeholders, which can enhance discussions on a sustainable renewable energy program and industry for the country.

President Remengesau in his remarks during the Micronesian President’s Summit Second Session this week said that majority of Palau’s government expenditure is spent on fuel cost.

EarthX is a non-profit organization founded by philantropist Trammell S. Crow while Okeanos is an organization that aims to advance sustainable sea transportation, indigenous learning and fossil fuel-free living.

Earth Justice, a nonprofit environmental law organization is also taking part in the summit. (B.Carreon) [/restrict]