ENGIE EPS has been selected by Guam Power Authority to build two-solar-plus energy storage projects under a 20-year power purchase agreement through a competitive bid process where Engie EPS was the lowest bidder.

The system called “Solar-after-Sunset” by Engie will combine 50MWp of solar PV with 300MWh of battery energy storage to provide up to 7 hours of energy after sunset.

Carlalberto Guglielminotti, Chief Executive Officer at ENGIE EPS commented “We are proud to contribute to Guam Power Authority’s pioneering vision. This is an iconic project which sets a paradigm shift for the zero-carbon transition: ENGIE EPS’s technological edge makes it now possible to provide solar power at night cheaper than conventional generation.”

The project is expected to come online by 2022, to deliver over 85MWh of clean energy annually.

Engie EPS had earlier offered to build Solar PV plant incorporating energy storage capable of providing 35MWh plus 45MWh of energy storage in Palau.  The contractincluded a 30 year power purchase agreement at around .20 per kwh for period of agreement.  The project was expected to come commence in 2018 and kick off in 2020.

Contract received so much push back from congress that process was changed and a new bid for solar PV was re-issued by PPUC.  The bid closed this September 30 and bids are currently being assessed.  It is not known if Engie EPS was one of the bidders of Palau’s Solar PV project.