On August 4, 2016, the Palau Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB) conducted a community outreach to Airai State. Representing the EQPB Board were Benjamin Yobech, Chairman of the Board, and members Jack Meltel, Alvina Timarong, and Benjamin Adelbai. Completing the EQPB outreach group was EQPB Executive Officer Roxanne Blesam and five members of her staff.


This outreach event took place at the Ked Community Center, with about 20 community members in attendance. It was very interactive, with the community members expressing various concerns and EQPB willingly engaging those pressing worries by clarifying requirements and processes relating to the work that they perform.  EQPB was able to inform and explain to the Airai community about different EQPB rules and regulations. Community members were very involved, posing numerous questions and asking for clarification of different issues.

The community members of Airai raised several concerns. Although, these primarily revolved around the requirements of the EQPB residential earthmoving application process with septic systems and leaching fields in particular, the future of their dumpsite, and the quality of agricultural products from foreign owned farms. Expert EQPB staff with years of experience in these fields addressed these concerns and offered advice on future projects for both the community members and Airai State.

EQPB expressed its gratitude to Airai State Government for making this community outreach possible and the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism (MNRET) for providing transportation.

For further information, please contact the EQPB office at 488-1639/3600. [/restrict]