On August 21-25, the Palau Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB) in collaboration with the Palau Community College – Cooperative Research Extension held a Pesticide Application Training at the Koror State Assembly Hall.  The training was arranged and lectured by Dr. Nelson Esquera, Dr. Aurora Del Rosario of the PCC-CRE, and EQPB Pesticide Officer Ms. Francesca Sungino.  


The training covered the history of pest management, principles of crop protection, pesticide safety, formulation, equipment, labels, poisoning and the EQPB Regulations on application and importation of Pesticides.  There were about 25 participants from various government and non-government agencies, Importers, non-profit organizations, commercial applicators, and private applicators.   The EQPB gladly announces that the majority of the training participants successfully passed the training and are eligible for licensing.  The license is valid for a period of three years and allows for the applicator to purchase and use restricted use pesticides, which contains a higher level of toxicity than general-use (over the counter) pesticides. This licensing process is a requirement of the EQPB regulations, and ensures that pesticides are applied in a careful manner, minimizing the unnecessary impact on the surrounding environment.

EQPB recognizes that most of the larger farms in Palau are being operated by Chinese Nationals and is working to put together a Pesticide Applicators Training to be conducted in Chinese.

For further information on the training, use, application or importation of Pesticide, please contact EQPB at 488-1639/3600 and ask for Ms. Francesca Sungino, Pesticide Officer.   [/restrict]