The Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB) held its regularly scheduled board meeting to discuss several permits submitted to the Board on January 11 and January 30.

There were five approved residential applications.  Rosania Masters to construct a 3‐bd house with a holding tank in Ngetkib, Airai; Richard Ngirengrak to construct a 2‐bd house with an onsite septic system in Ngerkesou, Ngchesar; Edmund Ongrung to construct a 1‐bd house connected to the public sewer system in Meketii, Koror; Kazumi Kurihara to renovate the existing house and construct a new onsite septic system in Ngesaol, Koror; and Matthew Elbelau to construct 2‐bd house with an onsite septic system in Ngerngesang, Ngchesar. 


There were also several commercial applications that were approved. Besure Kanai to fill and compact an area at Ngetkib, Airai; Nancy Wong to construct an extension to the existing Best Coffee & Donut House at Dngeronger, Koror; Russell Rhodas to construct an open air restaurant at Medalaii, Koror; and Mlib Tmetuchel to construct a summer house and floating dock in Ordomel, Airai.

The Board also approved an application by Surangel & Sons and Mathias Erbai to recover the sunken vessel that had caught fire by Echang Dock. The vessel has since been removed and disposed.

The Board was also able to approve an aquaculture project for Tmerukl Shmull & Associates who will be growing rabbitfish in Medalaii, Koror.

Some other major projects that were approved included the Korea Aerospace Research Institute to construct a concrete base for a radar facility in Ngatpang which will serve as a satellite tracking station for the Korea Aerospace Research Institute. There was also a project for the Palau Housing Authority to construct a two‐storey office building in Ngerburch, Melekeok.

There were four government projects – one of which was from the National Bureau of Public Works who construct an additional 5-m extension berm at the M‐Dock Landfill.

Others projects included an application from Airai State Government to construct an access road in Ngetkib, Airai while the two other projects from Koror State Government were to construct a boat ramp in Ngerchemai, Koror and to construct a floating dock in Ngermid, Koror.

EQPB reminded the applicants that although their permits have been approved, work should not commence until they have obtained the signed permit with conditions set by the Board.

The Board will continue to monitor these projects to ensure that the environmental protection plans for the specific project are implemented to prevent any damages to the surrounding environment.

The Board urges all permittees and contractors to consult with EQPB if they need any assistance with their permitted project. (PR)   [/restrict]