Palau Quality Protection Board approved permits of number of major projects including the 15-storey 154 room Sheraton Hotel, 6-storey 40 room Chief Garden Hotel, new national landfill in Aimeliik, expansion of quarry in Ngchesar as well as geotechnical investigations of the proposed radar sites in Ngaraard and Angaur.

According to EQPB, these projects properly addressed all possible environmental impacts and were issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) Certificate.

Additionally, EQPB approved 11 residential applications, 3 in Koror, 2 in Peleliu, 5 in Airai and 1 in Ngiwal.  Most of the projects use onsite septic systems except for those built in Koror with exception of projects in Ngesaol.

Other projects improved include filling of 500 sq. feet of submerged land area, construction of additional buildings at Ngelill Island Resort, a construction of 4-unit apartment in Ngermid, renovating of building in Dngeronger and construction of a floating dock at M-Dock.

EQPB approved 2 extension permits for Clear Ground Demining in Aimeliik and Peleliu.

Several Notices of Violations were issued.  These are issued to notify permitee of a violation first and to give them a chance to meet and resolve the problems.  Final order is issued with final fine if the initial issue is not resolved.

EQPB issued Notices of Violations to Tlau Ridpath, HP Construction, Lester Rekemesik, Jiang Ai Jun, Koror State Government and VMJ, Aimeliik State Government and to Kamrul Jamal.

Final orders were issued to Ngatpang State Government, Palau Sea View Resort & Spa, F/V Makmur #12 and Mathias Erbai.

EQPB reminds permitee that they must comply with terms and conditions of the permits and that the Board will continue to monitor each project to ensure environmental protection plans for each project are implemented. (L.N. Reklai/Editor)