Taipei, June 29 (CNA) The Transportation Ministry confirmed Monday that it is reviewing a plan by Taiwan-based EVA Airways (EVA Air) to operate two round-trip flights per week from Taiwan to Palau, saying approval could be given within days.

Once the airline gets permission to fly the two unallocated flights per week between Taiwan and Palau of the eight per week negotiated between the two sides, EVA Air is likely to tap into burgeoning interest in Palau in the post-COVID-19 travel market.

Palau is one of the travel destinations Taiwanese travel agencies are looking forward to developing because the Pacific island country, which is also one of Taiwan’s few diplomatic allies, has so far reported zero COVID-19 cases.

EVA Air confirmed that it has applied to fly the route, but stressed that its launch date will depend on how the epidemic unfolds and real market demand.

China Airlines (CAL) currently holds the rights to six of the eight round-trip flights allowed each week, while now-defunct TransAsia Airways previously had rights to the other two, according to the ministry.

The two slots for TransAsia, which disbanded in 2016 due to financial woes, will be the ones allocated to EVA, the ministry said.

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