But Home Team Island Seeds wins GT Tournament

Koror, Palau – On Sunday January 14th the Palau Sports Fishing Association hosted the Evolution Tournament for a third year in a row. Ten teams entered the giant trevally catch and release category and 24 entered the wahoo classic. Fighting the intense swells and rain fishermen charged on to make a great day of it!


International game fisherman around the world take pride in their ability to catch and release game fish. This sector of tourism for Palau has seen a lot of growth – meaning opportunities for local sport fishers to earn money and keep up their skills as fishermen. Because of the generosity of featured sponsors catch and release is now at level with traditional sport fishing in prize money. This year more off island sport fishers came to Palau just for the event and the momentum is expected to grow when Palauan fishermen head to the Yokohama Fishing Show in this weekend to promote Palau as the premier sport fishing destination.

Tremendous support from the community makes every event run safely. Special thanks goes to our featured sponsors, who each donated $2,500 to the event. The featured sponsors include:

Palau Pacific Resort

Payless Supermarket

NECO Yamaha



Thank you’s to our friends:

Neco Marine and their staff

Neco Yamaha and their amazing staff

Drop Off Bar & Gril and their staff

Koror State Rangers

And our Volunteers/Supporters:

Friend of the Marine Sanctuary staff

And special thanks to Jovy Kesolei, Ime Sato, Ikrebai Blesam, Lori Isao, Kaipo Recheungel, Randy Merep, Mamoru Dengokl

ABOUT PALAU SPORT FISHING ASSOCIATION The Palau Sport Fishing Association has for over 20 years been the official organization of sport fishing in the Republic of Palau. Each year PSFA organizes the largest sport fishing event on Palau featuring the Etpison

For Media Inquiries Contact:

Board Director

Jennifer K. Gibbons +680-775-7398 or

Tournament Director & Board Vice President

Regis Akitaya +680-775-1979

Cup. Through partnerships with corporations such as Palau Pacific Resort, Shell, Budweiser, Neco Yamaha and Bank of Hawaii along with the local community PSFA has been able to realize increasing numbers of participants in sport fishing competition and spectatorship. As the official organization for sport fishing in Palau PSFA is associated with tradition and integrity. PSFA is also a member of the International Game Fishing Assoc.

About the Evolution Tournament

The goal of the Evolution tournament is to raise the profile of catch and release both as a business opportunity and a safe and fun alternative to trolling and bottom fishing. This tournament also celebrates the traditional fisherman by providing them the chance to demonstrate their talents by creating the wahoo category. [/restrict]