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The family of the Filipina who passed away earlier this month in an unfortunate incident of not being able to sustain her body through pregnancy has denied the reports of tumor. It remains unverified as the medical records are not yet revealed.

Jun Samontina who is the brother of the deceased acknowledged that his sibling was pregnant but has denied her recovering tumor patient.

Julian Samontina worked at a store ran by a Bangladeshi national located near Bank of Hawaii, Koror. Her earlier medical records and details of the incident were not revealed by the Belau National Hospital stating that it is only the family who can access it.

However, the owner of the store she worked at had claimed that her body couldn’t sustain through pregnancy as her doctors back in her homeland had operated on her for tumor and had warned her not to get pregnant.

Samontina’s coworkers also claimed that the fetus had already died in the womb and Samontina passed away in the process of getting it out. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)