Fiji is set to host the International Civil Society (ICS)week in late 2017.

This was announced today at the Pacific Islands Association of Non – Governmental Organisation (PIANGO) Council Meeting by CIVICUS General Secretary, Dr Danny Sriskarandarahjah.

The news was well received by the PIANGO Council today meeting in Suva. They endorsed to work in partnership with CIVICUS, a Johannesburg based international non-profit organisation, which describes itself as “a global alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society around the world.


Dr Danny said the meeting will be a first for this part of the world.

“The proposals we’d like to put to our CIVICUS board in a few weeks time when it meets in Johannesburg is that we bring the next ICS week tothe Pacific. We can host it here in Suva at the campus of the University of the South Pacific in late November or early December 2017 because that is when the University will not have students.

“CIVICUS always work with a local partner or regional partner. In this case our primary partner will be PIANGO so that we can get ownership of the region. FCOSS will be our physical partner here in Fiji. The idea is that we have four days of core meetings led by I hope PIANGO.

“We will have two days parallel workshops of events organised by partners on different issues. Some of those issues already covered in the PIANGO meeting will be highly relevant like self-determination that is going to be really interesting for those coming outside the Pacific,” Dr Danny told PIANGO delegates.

The one week meeting is expected to see 500-1000 delegation from around the world and the Pacific attending.

Meanwhile, this week PIANGO is celebrating its 25th anniversary of existence in the region…..

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