By Rhealyn C. Pojas


Physical Education teachers and Palau Track and Field Association (PTFA) coaches kicked off their 10-day training with the Fijian Olympian and Decathlete on January 19.

PTFA invited Fijian Olympian and Decathlete Albert Miller, an International Association of Athletics Federations(IAAF)Coaches Education and Certification System (CECS) Certified level 1 lecturer, to help PE teachers and PTFA coaches enhance their teaching skills in the field of athletics.   


The training, which will last until January 28, is participated by 15 teachers and three PTFA coaches and is conducted under the collaboration of PTFA/Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC)and the Ministry of Education (MOE).

In a press statement issued to Island Times, the PTFA said that they hoped that the training will help bring in more interests in the field of athletics especially among Palauan schools.

Among the participants of the training are Aberlyn Ngiruos from Ngerchelong Elementary school, Naomi Ngiraked from Kayangel Elementary school, Graham Ridep from Angaur elementary school, Jewel Ngiraikelau from Ngardmau Elementary, Leween Shiro from Ngeremlengui Elementary school, Edley Eriang from Melekeok Elementary, Ngelechel  Miko from Aimeliik Elementary, Journey Teruzi from Ibobang elementary school, Sayo Sugiyama from Meyuns elementary school, Toribiong Sandro and Carlton Crosby from George B Harris, Wataru Ise and Larson Siles from Koror elementary school, Selloil Ngirmekur from Ngarrard Elementary school and Charley Ellis, Mizuki Honda and Kenneth Mereb from the PTFA.

Toluk Sakuma, the only Certified Level I coach in Palau, and Peoria Koshiba, a certified level II Sprint coach and an Assistant IAAF CECS LEVEL I coaching lecturer have also assisted in coaching and teaching the participants alongside Miller.

PTFA further expressed in the press statement that they aimed to help Koshiba become a certified level 1 coaching lecturer in Palau so that she will have the authority to certify athletics coaches in the local and regional scenes in the future. (With PTFA) [/restrict]