The Director of Customs and Border Protection has confirmed there was no involvement of the Filipina woman in the seizure of cash at the airport and has stated that Tia Belau report was false.

BCBP is the responsible agency in cases of excess hard cash going out of Palau or getting in the country without declaration.

John Tarkong Jr who serves as the Director for BCBP told the Island Times that the there was an incident involving seizure of money but clarified that it wasn’t linked to Althea Posadas in any way.

However, he could not give the details of the person from whom the money was seized and said that the Attorney Generals office is the only one he can share that information with.

Althea Posadas, 28, is currently doing rounds of different government offices with a copy of the printed report seeking help in suing Tia Belau for the false report published against her.

She said that Tia Belau has refused to publish an apology and that the report was written when one of the reporters received a text message which had her name.

The report published by Tia Belau stated that she was caught carrying $30,000 in cash at the security check and was not allowed to board the plane. It also revealed where Posadas resided and the newspaper claimed that she was attempting to take money to the Philipinne.

The punishment for carrying more than $10,000 into or out of Palau is seizure of the amount and a penalty of double the value of the currency. Depending on the incident, the penalty could also include prison time.

In the previous Island Times report about the incident, Posadas said, “I was washing my clothes on the evening of Friday, I then went to a friends’ house to have some drinks and then we were at the Zone Bar in Malakal till 2 AM. I was never at the airport,” Posadas said.

Posadas’s sister was in talks about employment in Palau but because of the unverified report published by Tia Belau, the employer denied her the job. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)