Palau maybe able to obtain a direct airline service between Palau and Japan sooner than expected according to recent report from a Japan based carrier Skymark Airlines.

Although officials here in Palau says the talks are still ongoing, recent publication from Japan says the airline will begin charter flights between Japan and Palau and Japan and CNMI this year with plans for scheduled flights as early as May 2019.

Palau leadership has been conducting talks with airlines in Japan to fill up the gap left by Delta Airlines when it discontinued its direct flights from Japan to Palau in May of this year.

Japan being Palau’s second largest market and highest yield market in terms of tourism, Palau is putting every effort to maintain the market.

Palau Visitors Authority had recently announced its intention to increase its marketing dollars to woo the Japan market.  In the recent release from PVA Chairman Ngirai Tmetuchl expressed that they are seeking increase in budget for 2019, expecting to increase their advertising investment into the Japan market.

Skymark Airline is a Tokyo-based carrier serving Japan’s domestic market.  The company’s business plan is to expand into international service, to enter into lightly serviced destinations like Palau and Saipan avoiding fierce price wars in southeast Asia.

Skymark Airlines believe that there is profit to be made in the Micronesian due to strong interest of Japan vacationers to the region. (Leilani Reklai/Editor)