Palauan youth were part of the international teams that made short documentary films at Heirs to Our Oceans’ Youth Empowerment and Human Impact on Oceans Camp last July.

Two Palauan students at Palau High School (PHS) were part of the team that made a film about the detriments of overfishing and unsustainable fishing practices. Aliyah Tadao and Jerrett Martin of PHS were on this team along with a youth from Chuuk.


A student from the Palau Mission Academy (PMA) Carlos Manuel and Dilluna Rivera of Xavier were also part of the international team that made another documentary film about land-sea pollution titled “I Sea Pollution”. These youngsters are members of the Heirs to Our Oceans, an organization comprised of young leaders who advocate for ocean conservation.

Both of these films are finalists in the student film competition at the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival (SFIOFF) and will be shown in San Francisco on March 11th.

Aliyah Tadao, a member of the Heirs to Our Oceans, is flying to San Francisco to represent Palauan Heirs at the event. (PR) [/restrict]