By: Olkeriil Ngirudelsang

Yesterday, a total of 33 checks of financial assistance was disbursed for households affected by Typhoon Surigae in 11 states of Palau according to online statements of Palau Red Cross society.
These financial assistances are specifically for those whose homes fell under the category two of the initial damage assessments that were conducted in the whole of Palau following the aftermath of Surigae.
Households classified as category two and will be receiving this financial assistance of 1,000 dollars each, are homes that were destroyed and whose residents are unable to occupy its dwelling structure.
Maireng Sengebau of Palau Red Cross society had earlier reported that, “the assessments for the larger states of Koror and Airai are still being compiled” therefore houses in Koror and Airai under the category two classification will be getting their financial assistance at a later time.
She further added, “the exact date for Koror and Airai assistance disbursement has not been finalized as it is dependent on their assessments”. While these two big states will be getting this assistance in the near future, all of Palau’s state governments have received this assistance except Sonsorol, Ngchesar, and Hatohobei that did not have homes in their respective states under the classification of category two.
Moreover Sengebau shared that assistance for next category, category one will be given out after the category 2 homes assistance have been disbursed. Households classified as category one are those that sustained major damages to structure yet they are still livable. They are those whose residents were able to occupy the dwelling immediately after Typhoon Surigae or within 72 hours of the disaster.
According to NEC’s information briefing held last week Thursday, households that were affected and captured in the initial damage assistance will be picking up this financial assistance at their respective state offices.

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