The first Complete Streets-Walkability project groundbreaking took place on Friday, October 30th in Airai State.

The Complete Streets-Walkability road improvement project was a collaborative effort that brought together property owners, businesses, as well as technical and civil organizations.

The project seeks to achieve road improvements that encourage safer, enjoyable walking experience for pedestrians, that promotes walking and other healthier lifestyle activities.  It includes creation of sidewalks, bicycle facilities and street beautification.

In his address, Airai Governor Tmewang Rengulbai says that he wanted to make it safe for people to visit the state. He said this project is a big deal especially during the pandemic and he represented the state of Airai to convey his thanks to the collaborators that made the project possible.

The project will connect Airai-side of KB bridge all the way to KB Shell Gas Station.

Governor Tmewang Rengulbai said it would be good especially for events such as Night Markets happening at the Japan Palau Friendship Bridge which brings in a large crowd.

With the increase in road and sidewalk projects, Erbai Matsutaro from the Office of Climate Change said that there could be an increase in physical activity and a decrease of greenhouse gas emissions.

He went on to say that a road must cater to everybody, it should be functional, safe for people, and inviting.

The road improvements start from the Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge all the way to KB Shell, to include safe side walks, bicycle paths and road beautification.

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