Peleliu State celebrated its first Peleliu Veterans Day this September 15th by re-opening the newly renovated Bloody Nose Ridge Monument access trail. 

A simple but heartfelt ceremony was held at the base of the Bloody Nose Ridge Monument, commemorating the event with the remembrance of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom enjoyed today by the people of Peleliu and Palau.

“I am standing before you today because of what happened here many years ago. Because of the sacrifice made by the US Marines, we are free today. It could have been a very different story,” Peleliu Delegate Nace Soalablai said in his brief remarks at the ceremony.

“With the current world conflicts around us, it’s very important to honor those who dedicated their lives to serve and protect us,” stated Governor Dr. Emais Roberts in his welcoming remarks.  Further, he said, “Palau is very fortunate to have strong partners…I believe it is best to be strong and prepared, and that is the best deterrent to any enemies around us.”

Governor Roberts recognizes that the presence of the US military, the US veterans on the island, and the many partners help keep Palau safe and free.

Moreover, Governor Roberts acknowledged the US Marines currently in Peleliu and their support with the improvement of many small but critical projects, including the work to repair the access to the Bloody Nose Ridge Monument.

With Palau Visitors Authority funding, the manpower support of the US Marines, and Peleliu State workers completed the repair and replacement of the deteriorated steps and platform at the Bloody Nose Ridge Monument in time for Veterans Day.

The “shared and equitable” partnership between the United States and Peleliu is a win-win partnership where everyone leaves happy, said Governor Roberts.

Vice President J. Uduch Sengebau-Senior reiterated Governor Roberts’s statements of the strong partnership between Palau and the United States.  This partnership, she said, had “ensured the success of the Republic of Palau as a free nation.”

Peleliu Legislature Floor Leaders Umedib Ridep read the Peleliu State law declaring September 15th as Veterans Day and a legal holiday for Peleliu State.

The state law says “that commemorating September 15th, as Veterans Day, an annual holiday will recognize the ultimate sacrifices of the Armed Forces of the United States and the cost of war born by the people of Peleliu Island and their resilience in returning to rebuild in their ancestral home.”

After the brief ceremony, the first Peleliu Veterans Day celebration took place at Camp Beck with the community of Peleliu and their guests. 

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