By: L.N. Reklai

June 8, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Athletics competition of the Belau Games 2017 preliminary rounds started this week with Koror State dominating many of the top positions of each category.


In the girls 15 years and under category 100 meter dash, Fantasia Rubasch leads with 14.83 seconds, followed by Sydney Francisco at 15.03 seconds.  Both are representing Koror States. Third place is Youlsau Victor of Ngerchelong State with time of 15.18q.

For boys 15 & Under 100 meter dash, DJ Dolmers of Ngaraard State leads with 12.55 seconds followed by Adj Saimon of Ngerchelong with 12.76 second. Metukr Colombus of Koror State came in third with time of 13.40 seconds.

In the Women’s 100 meters, Trang Ksano of Peleliu leads with 14.08 seconds, followed by Maura Ngirmechaet of Melekeok with 14.23 seconds. Emengel Singich of Ngerchelong gained third with time of 14.94.

In the Men’s 100 meters, Koror leads with Gwynn Uehara’s time of 11.73 seconds followed by Ngardmau’s Iverson August with 12.19 seconds. Melekeok gains third with Stanford Blaluk’s time of 12.32 seconds.

In Men’s 800 meters, Ngerchelong leads followed by Ryon Gaines of Koror.  Third place went to Steven Rdechor of Angaur.

Leading Women’s 200 meters is Trang Ksano of Peleliu with 29.15 seconds, followed by Maura Ngirmechaet of Melekeok with 29.53. Rhema Maido of Koror State came in third with 30.82 seconds.

Men’s 200 was dominated by Gwynn Uehara of Koror State with time of 23.41 seconds.  Ngerchelong came second with Rockley Roman’s time at 24.00 seconds. Koror State gained third with Ryon Gaines’s time of 24.54 seconds.

Athletics portion of Belau Games 2017 will take place from June 6 to 16 only so look for updates schedules of the competitions. Other categories are discus throw, long jumps, high jumps, triple jumps and 1500 meter runs. [/restrict]