We would like to thank all participants and also all donors ROC Embassy, Sun Flowers Shop and Insta Print for donations which helped us to create amazing 1st of the kind traditional skill workshop at the Angel Center – School of Pacific (the Angel Center). 17participacents came to the Angel Center to create spear for fishing some of them were only watching some of them were very happy to try. It is not easy task but 4 teachers masters in spear-making Tadao Sakuma, Richard Kyota, Techedib Kalistus Rexid and ….with some assistance of …., helped and explained all interested this traditional skill of spear making from 1:30 pm up to 4pm.


Those who were done could also do some art & crafts/ drawing and coloring with teachers-volunteers: Miriam, Emily, Ellen and Danka. Part of the workshop was hands-on-experience of the smoothie making from local banana and lemon. Usually students, during previous art & crafts classes, could make their own popcorn and when they clean up they can get reward – nuts, like a healthy snack.

The Angel Center is located at the Top Side Koror at village Bital Ked/Ngermerang, IDID Hamlet and on Tue, Thu and Sun from 2-4p.m. There is a covered playground as well so it is possible also for adults as well for kids to exercise on monkey bars. Come and join the Summer Workshop and learn new and traditional skills. Summer Workshop continues at the Angel Center up to August 2nd, 2017. During June and July there will be also weaving, pottery classes, healthy cooking and organic gardening. Just come and try – each session is $2 and on-time-time is $10 – sign up fee/donation. If you cannot effort the payment please let the teachers know on the sign up form and they will look for donors and sponsors to support you and your child.

The Angel Center is also working on organizing field trips – a new program called: “Angels – Explorers” so if you are interested to visit a horse farm, or cow farm, crocodile farm, clam and fish farms/hatcheries, or like to learn how to collect pottery clay and make Palau pottery clay out of it, play on a white sandy beach and more! The Field trips will be on Wednesdays or Fridays.

If you like to learn how to form traditional items from pottery clay like a lamp or different jars, or new items like necklaces, statues, jewelry beats or other items please come and try during June and July. It can be your hobby to relax your mind, bond as a family and also it could, if you are good at it, you be can get some income and one day it can be a part time or full time job – to make and sell those items you have created. We have 2 different categories:  first category is: 12-years-old and the second is: 13-years-old-&-older/adults category. Come one come all! Photos contributed by : Danka Ledgerwood [/restrict]